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The Structures of Man

In an overwhelmingly populated, busy and ever-changing world it is far too easy to dislike the impact that humankind has on this earth. It’s time to slow down, step back and appreciate the structures of man. Although much of what man does to our planet is harmful, there should always be a moment in your day to appreciate what we have created and embrace the fact that it is here and we have to deal with what we have, and will most likely continue to do and to create. This year I dedicate my annual project to the structural creations of man.


Red Wall



Nashville Street

Those Things That Make Our World More Colorful

This year the collection will make a transformation from black and white to its counterpoint, vivid color. The concept behind this new collection is to bring to attention “Those Things That Make Our World More Colorful.” It’s as simple as that! Thank you for your interest, I hope you enjoy this years collection.

Spike on the Water
Spike on the Water
Wings Over Water
Wings Over Water